About Us

How We Work


Here at Benefits To Go we partner with some of the most well known insurance companies in the industry who specialize in the following insurance types:  final expense, disability, critical illness, cancer, heart attack/stroke, medicare supplements, and annuities. 

Call our office today and let one of our agents create a personal financial roadmap for your success. Whether its life insurance needs, 401K rollovers, retirement goals or wanting more information on our cancer protection, we are here to serve you! 

Individual and Families


1 out of 3 families only have life insurance through their employers. Group coverage is excellent however if an employee gets laid off OR their employment is terminated so is their life insurance in most cases !! Here at BTG we provide lifetime coverage for individuals along with FREE life insurance reviews because we understand what matters most to families!

Business Owners


Small Business Owners account for nearly 41% of all the US workforce. Here at BTG we understand how vital it is to provide quality benefits to self employed persons and those who own businesses that have employees. Its become extremely hard for small business to match big corporation benefits however here at BTG we make it affordable! Call us today to hear about our Workforce benefits plan!